July 20, 2013

Project Management Trends

Project management involves coordinating with different people to complete a set of tasks in a precise sequence by applying knowledge, skills and techniques to meet stakeholder expectations. Project management ensures high productivity from available resources. Discussed below are some of the emerging Management trends:

1. Specific training as per need: Training is required to help develop skills including soft and hard skills. Human resources are crucial to an organization’s success. Staff development programs have highest impact on project performance. Thus, investing in training and skill development of their human resources has become need of the hour.

2. Effective Communication: Communication plays a vital role in today’s world. Effective communication is necessary to communicate vision or goal of an organization. It is an essential tool to maintain strong work relation and build up level of trust and increase productivity.
3. Setting expectations: Setting clear and achievable goals for individual and team is important. They need to be aware of their roles and responsibilities and ensure that their objectives are aligned to the organization’s objective.
4. Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR is a form of self-regulation which ensures that an organization follows ethical standards in spirit of law. Organizations make sure that they do not exploit foreign workers, waste natural resources, or damage the environment through negligence or in the name of increased profit.

July 06, 2013


Ensuring the right products at the right time, in the right place and in the correct quantity has always been the mantra for success of any business. Formula#1 or better known as F1, being the fastest racing event on earth, has a huge viewership all over the world with each team having millions of fans. However, every fan who celebrates his/her favourite driver winning or getting a podium finish needs to know the secret behind the organizing of the races. How are these races and practice sessions held with the venue changing every week and the organizing time reducing year after year?  

Formula one is the fastest racing game played on earth with cars crossing 300kmph around pre-determined stretch of road as quickly as possible. It is about drivers fighting wheel-to-wheel in fe­rociously rapid machines. For some casual observers this is all that Formula One will ever be, but those who delve a little deeper will discover a vast, ever moving circus of pe­ople and parts. There’s lot more behind the scene that goes into this ferocious neck to neck battle that takes the whole world on ride.