August 21, 2011


 Safexpress has created benchmark in terms of the “Knowledge Leader” in the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry. With the mission of adopting and internalizing a work culture demonstrating a “We can We will” attitude to reflect in daily responsibilities with exceeding objective towards market dominance., Safexpress has vision of conscious learning organization maintaining flexibility for change for providing the most customized solutions. The company has expanded its reach to 560 destinations across India through more than 3,600 GPS enabled vehicles, across 35 states and union territories delivering 80 million packages a year, with ware house space of over 6 million square feet. With the operations of 24 X 7 in real time Safexpress provides Express Distribution, Third party Logistics services & supply chain Consulting. By Implementing Innovative and benchmarking services, the company has given a new face to Supply Chain & Logistics Industry.
As a service provider of third party logistics, the company allows the clients to focus on their own core competencies. Which means clients can focus more on the expertise of field leaving the logistics expertise to Safexpress. The ever increasing need for technological flexibility is another important advantage of the use of Safexpress as the third party logistics provider. The Company has been able to cope up with the advanced technology coming in the Logistics Industries. Thus outsourcing logistics to the Safexpress reduces the lead time and improves the service level. Safexpress provides Technological Flexibility to the client. The company gives flexibility to the client for the service in the different geographical location.
Investments in coss-docking strategy has given Safexpress The Competitive Advantage. In such strategy warehouses function as inventory coordination points rather than as inventory storage points, so goods arrive at warehouses from manufactures and are transferred to the retailer’s vehicle, so that delivery time can be reduced as much as possible. Thus Safexpress indirectly cuts down  the inventory cost of manufacturer/distributor & decreases the storage time which finally leads  to reduction in lead time. But all in all cross-docking needs an initial investment and startup setups. Still Safexpress has managed to implement it by-
        o   Linking Distribution centers, retailers and supplier by advance information systems
        o   Fast and responsive transport system
o   Accuracy in forecast by multistage information sharing

All these have not only added value to the manufacturer/distributor but also to the whole Supply Chain Process. 

A unique value-added Supply Chain & Logistics Service, Reverse Logistics has reduced the time and cost involved in carrying defective parts. This kind of logistics is generally used for shipping the defective parts from retailer to distributor and finally to the manufacturer. Safexpress directly takes these defective goods under its possession and moves them to its warehouses where they are repaired and re-shipped.  Services such as reverse movement of goods, repacking, re-labeling, refurbishing provided by Safexpress was a step to reduce the time and cost involved in the backward supply chain & prevented customer dissatisfaction, cash lockdown for the retailer and a rise in the distributor‘s inventory. For providing reverse logistics to clients, Safexpress has deployed reverse logistics centers, where they stock thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKU) of the client and employ well trained professionals to handle the product. Indeed, Safexpress has revolutionized the Logistics Industry in India.
 The writer of this article, Amol Deogade is a PGP student of Indian Institute of Management, Raipur and has done his B.E. from Government College of Engineering, Amravati. Prior to joining IIM Raipur, Amol was working at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Amol can be reached at


  1. very informative article!
    can u please explain cross docking in detail.