March 09, 2012

Book Review Competition: The Toyota Way

Among the various exciting events in Equinox ’12, the OPEP club, on 6th March, organized Critique, a book review competition for the international bestseller “The Toyota Way” authored by Dr. Jeffrey Liker. The participation was overwhelming as students from various reputed B-schools across the country sent their entries soon after the organizers invited them over a month back.

Among the many entries received, the best three were shortlisted and the students were invited to present their book reviews at IIM Raipur Campus in the presence of a judging panel and the students participating in Equinox ‘12. The members of the panel were Prof. O. S. Vaidya, Faculty of Operations & Supply Chain Management, IIM Raipur and Prof. Naval Bajpai, Faculty of Statistics and Business Research, IIM Raipur.
The finalists presented their understanding of and views about the wide and often less understood subject called “Lean Practices”. The basic fundamental ideas presented in the book were discussed at length. The final results of the competition are as follows:
  • First Position – Akshay Agarwal, PGP 2011-2013
  • Runners up – Harish Verma, PGP 2011-2013 and Mehul Bardia, PGP 2011-2013 (Jointly share runners up position)
The winning entry will be published in the forthcoming edition of Strive magazine. The book review presentations of Harish and Mehul are given below.


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