November 24, 2013

EQUINOX 4.0 Presents E-Compete

OPEP –The Operations and Supply Chain Club of IIM Raipur proudly presents E-Compete, a simulation game that touches reality.

The game is based on the e-tailing business model wherein the objective is to maximize profit by managing the virtual retail environment. The contestants will unlock orders by solving Operations related problems and get the orders delivered to their respective destinations.

A simulation game of this magnitude that test your theoretical know how and applies it to real life scenarios where demand and supply forecast fluctuate, transportation goes hand in hand with cost management, minimizing inventory is key and time is of the essence. Use your gadgets, solve problems on your laptops, get excel to work your gray cells.

Having your fundamentals clear and being technically sound is great. Furthermore, being able to come up with concrete solutions, alternatives and quick assessments of the situation under pressure and time constraints makes you invaluable. If you think you fit the category, prove it!

The primary motive of any business is to reduce cost and maximize profit!!!

Rules of the Game
  1. The event is open to B – school students only
  2. A team should comprise of two members from the same B-School
  3. No changes in the team will be allowed after the registration
  4. A participant can be a part of one team only
  5. If any conflict arises, the decision of the organizing committee shall remain final and binding
  6. In case of any query please contact the event coordinators.
Deadline for  Registration : 30th November 1700 hrs

E-Compete - Register here

Vana - +91 8349501058

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